Afholdte DG konferencer

Herunder kan findes en liste over alle tidligere DG Center-konferencer. Læs mere om konceptet her. Kommende konferencer annonceres under hovedmenuen.

    • Copenhagen Center for Geometry and Topology (GeoTop): 6-14 juni


    • Center for NanoPhotonics (NanoPhoton)
      Fundamentals and applications of semiconductor nanocavities: 7-9 juni


    • Center for High Entropy Alloy Catalysis (CHEAC)
      Conference on High Entropy Alloy Electrocatalysis 18-19 maj

    • Cosmic Dawn Center (DAWN)
      The Copenhagen DAWN Conference 2022: 22-26 juni


    • Center for Cellular Signal Patterns (CellPat)
      Multivalency in Biology: 16-17 juni


    • Center for Macroscopic Quantum States  (BigQ)
      BigQ symposium on Quantum Information Science: 27-28 april


    • Center for Privacy Studies (PRIVACY):
      Early Modern Notions of Privacy and the Private, 2. juni – 4 juni.
    • Center for Functional Genomics and Tissue Plasticity (ATLAS):
      Tissue Plasticity of Obesity, 30. juni – 1. juni


    • Center for Microbial Secondary Metabolites (CeMiSt)
      Microbial Secondary Metabolites in Microbiomes,16. juni – 18. juni


    • Center for Electromicrobiology (CEM)
      Electromicrobiology – From electrons to ecosystems, 21. marts – 22. marts


    • Center for Proteins in Memory (PROMEMO)
      Proteins and Circuits in Memory, 5. marts – 7. marts


    • Center for Hybrid Quantum Networks (Hy-Q)
      Hybrid Approaches to Quantum-Information Processing, 18. september – 19. september


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