Professor Bo Elberling i Grønland
19. August 2022

Two sides of the same coin – Greenland in a future climate

While the European heat wave dries out the river beds and sets forests on fire, the sea ice at the North Pole is melting, giving…

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11. August 2022

Are the scientists ready for FAIR data?

This year’s annual publication from the DNRF offers a peek into researchers’ views and experiences regarding digitization and FAIR data use. In other words, it…

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7. April 2022

Read the DNRF’s Annual Report 2021

The Danish National Research Foundation’s Annual Report 2021 has now been published and can be found below. In the report, you can read about: the…

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29. October 2021

The DNRF’s Annual Meeting 2021: Where is the culture of academia headed?

On Monday, October 25, 2021, the Danish National Research Foundation welcomed guests to the foundation’s first annual meeting in two years at the IDA’s conference rooms. This year’s theme was academic…

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Udklip af forside til temapublikation 2021
6. October 2021

What is happening with Danish research culture? Here is what researchers are experiencing

Things are going very well with top Danish research despite the fact that international competition is growing significantly. But how are things with the academic…

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Billede af DG's publikation "Nysgerrighed beriger samfundet" i trykt format.
1. September 2021

DNRF publication highlights research’s usefulness to society from a new perspective

Does society benefit when its country’s smartest citizens spend many years, and often a lot of money, going down new roads in search of understanding…

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DNRF logo
6. April 2021

The DNRF’s Annual Report 2020 is out

The Danish National Research Foundation’s Annual Report 2020 has now been published and can be found below. In the report, you can read about the…

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Graphical abstract illustrating the main findings of the study in plants and nitrogen.
30. October 2020

Other October News in Brief

A new study from CENPERM about plants and nitrogen published in Global Change Biology; meet post-doc Julian Regalado from the Center of Excellence CEH; David…

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Figur fra CEH's forskning
30. September 2020

Other September News in Brief

Two ERC Starting Grants go to researchers affiliated with the DNRF; researchers from CHEAC lead a study published in Nature Materials; researchers from CEH publish…

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9. September 2020

New book on basic research from the Danish National Research Foundation

The Danish National Research Foundation has published “Fortællinger fra Grundforskningens Grænseland – samtaler med 25 nutidige forskere i Danmark” in collaboration with the Royal Danish…

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Billede af Mathias Middelbor, Anja C. Andersen, Kristoffer Szilas til arrangementet Dybhavet og det ydre rum til Blooms mini festival Weekend Under the Oak.
31. August 2020

Other August News in Brief

Professor Mathias Middelboe from the new Center of Excellence HADAL participated in Bloom’s mini festival 2020; the first volume of UrbNet’s new international Journal of…

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Billedet viser en visualisering af covid-19 virussen.
27. May 2020

Artificial intelligence and a new test method: Two DNRF heads of centers’ individual corona research available on

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out earlier this year, two heads of centers from the DNRF —Professor Jørgen Kjems from CellPat at Aarhus University, and…

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30. April 2020

Other April News in Brief

A research project from CNAP will map COVID-19 symptoms; Mette Birkedal Bruun is a new member of the Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy;…

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27. April 2020

Read the DNRF’s Annual Report 2019

The Danish National Research Foundation’s Annual Report 2019 has now been published and can be found below. In the report, you can read about the…

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Jeppe Druedahl, adjunkt ved grundforskningscentret CEBI
20. March 2020

Jeppe Druedahl from CEBI analyzes the significance of the corona crisis for the Danish economy in Information

The Danish newspaper Information has published an analysis of the corona crisis’s impact on the Danish economy. It argues what it will take to get…

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