CMC discovers flawed theory behind widely used materials

DNRF head of center Bo Brummerstedt Iversen is one of the authors of a new paper in Nature Materials which shows that parts of the theory behind van der Waals materials do not match reality. Therefore, the theory must be reconsidered before researchers can fully understand the materials, which hold a great potential in future energy research.

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New research from CGG: Vampire bats, genetics and microbes


Researchers from the Center for GeoGenetics have studied vampire bats with a hologenomic approach, looking at the relationship between the animal’s genes and microbiota. This holistic approach is part of a new era in genetic research.

Read more about the result and the new approach here.

26 meteorites give us new information on the birth of the Earth and the moon

In a new study recently published in Nature, researchers from STARPLAN explains how the connection between the planets’ different chemical composition and their respective size can provide new information on the creation of the Earth and the moon.

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Read the DNRF Open Access to Data publication

Read the publication which was the foundation for the DNRF annual meeting here, and gain insight into the different aspects of the open data debate.