New from SAC: Solar storms can be caused by the sun’s unusual rotation pattern

Professor Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, who is head of center at the DNRF’s Center for Stellar Astrophysics (SAC), is one of the researchers behind a new study that shows how the sun’s unusual rotation pattern might be the cause of solar storms. The study is published in the scientific journal Science.

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10th Application Round for New Centers of Excellence – the call is out


The Danish National Research Foundation hereby invites researchers from all scientific fields to submit outline proposals for new Centers of Excellence which may start operating in the beginning of 2020

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Domino effect of climate events could lead to irreversible “hothouse Earth” state

Professor Katherine Richardson from the DNRF Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate (CMEC) is part of a research team warning that an uncontrollable domino effect is likely to dramatically exacerbate global warming. The researchers point out that the goal of the Paris Agreement is probably not enough to avoid this development.

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The winning pictures in the DNRF’s photo competition 2018 have been chosen

This year, the Danish National Research Foundation launched a photo competition for the foundation’s grantees, and now the winners have been chosen. Below, you can see the winning pictures and find links to interviews with the winners, who explain the fascinating research behind the pictures.

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