What is GROW

Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW)

Since 2009, the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) has collaborated with the National Science Foundation (NSF) on a program known as Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW).

GROW allows Fellows funded through the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program to carry out a research visit at a DNRF Center of Excellence for a period of 2-12 months. Since 2016, it is also possible to seek a GROW fellowship in connection with a Niels Bohr Professorship grant funded by the DNRF.


Each fall, a call for proposals, “the Dear Colleague Letter,” is announced in which specific requirements for the proposals and the deadline for submission can be found. The call will be accessible here as well as from the NSF’s home page.

The next deadline is February 1, 2019.

Proposals must be submitted by the visiting Fellow directly to the NSF following agreement with a DNRF grant holder. Please note that the research visit cannot exceed the grant period that appears on the home page.

Financial terms

Support for the visiting Fellow’s research, education, and additional living expenses will be provided by the DNRF through the Danish host institution as a supplemental grant to the host Center of Excellence or Niels Bohr Professorship.

The DNRF supports the GROW Fellow’s added living expenses of 9,000 DKK per month (excl. overhead) and operating and research expenses of 15,000 DKK per month (excl. overhead).