URIS Guidelines

Risks in relation to international research cooperation including IPR (URIS guidelines)

The DNRF grant holders  must, on an ongoing basis, stay aware of possible risks regarding:

  • Breach of the principles of research integrity
  • Military or unethical use of technology
  • Foreign interference and breaches of security from foreign students/employees at Danish institutions and Danish students/employees abroad
  • That the research collaboration can contribute to strengthening and building research and innovation capacity in sensitive areas in autocratic states


Reflecting this, the DNRF has updated the standard contract (Intellectual property rights, paragraph 10.1.). In the case of collaboration, the institutions must beforehand enter into a separate agreement with the persons or entities concerned on intellectual property rights.

More information about the URIS Guidelines (In Danish)

Questions related to the implementation and enforcement of the rules must be directed to the university administration.

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