7. April 2022

Read the DNRF’s Annual Report 2021

The Danish National Research Foundation’s Annual Report 2021 has now been published and can be found below.

In the report, you can read about:

  • the foundation’s activity and key figures
  • Denmark’s first Pioneer Center for Artificial Intelligence, led by Professor Serge Belongie
  • the newly appointed DNRF Chair grant recipients, whose overall purpose is strengthening and enriching Danish research communities
  • Centers of Excellence, the DNRF’s primary funding mechanism and the foundation’s flagship
  • The DNRF’s yearly photo competition.

Do basic research centers create societal value in the short term?

In 2021, we also produced a new publication: “Curiosity Benefits Society,” which casts light on how the DNRF’s Centers of Excellence continuously contribute to society’s development not only in the long run but also in the short run. We talk about how the centers teach, communicate, and develop talents, but we also talk about how they advise museums, invent new treatments, and develop solutions for the green transition. In this way, they enrich society with a wide range of activities that are not always associated with basic research.

In this publication you will also find a chapter about the four basic research centers that are leading the world when it comes to research in quantum physics.

Link to Curiosity Benefits Society (DG 2021).

Download the Danish National Research Foundation's Annual Report 2021 here:

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