The DNRF Professorships

As an extension of the six Niels Bohr Visiting Professorships, the DNRF established this five-year professorship in 2006 to further strengthen the internationalization of Danish research.

The purpose was to enhance the competitiveness of Danish research by attracting elite international scientists (foreigners or Danes abroad) to permanent employment at a Danish university for the period 2007-2012.

The professors were expected to:

  • Develop and promote research within a prioritized area at a university
  • Stimulate the university’s international research cooperation at a high level
  • Contribute to strengthening research education programs

Furthermore, positions for one or two younger scientists are attached to each professorship.

The foundation finances the first five years of a professor’s employment, after which the host institution assumes the financial obligations. The support amounts to app. 63.4 mil. DKK in total, distributed among three grants.

  • Professor Steen Rasmussen
    Institution: University of Southern Denmark, Faculty of Science
    Funding period: November 2007 – October 2012


    Professor Jørgen S. Nielsen
    Institution: University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Theology
    Funding period: October 2007 – September 2012


    Professor John Couchman
    Institution: University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health Sciences
    Funding period: May 2007 – April 2012

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