6. October 2021

What is happening with Danish research culture? Here is what researchers are experiencing

Things are going very well with top Danish research despite the fact that international competition is growing significantly. But how are things with the academic culture that supports the development of Danish research and in what direction is it headed?

Udklip af forside til temapublikation 2021

The question isn’t just relevant because a healthy academic culture is a vital factor if Danish research is to continue to do well. It is also relevant because the academic culture is important for researchers’ well-being. Academic culture creates an attractive academic environment in general, which, in itself, is a crucial part of research, for example, when it comes to attracting talent.

Interest in the state of academic culture and its meaning for research is growing in other countries. More stakeholders, such as the Royal Society and the Wellcome Trust, are concluding that the rapid progress we’ve made in academia has had a downside.  Therefore, we need to take an interest in the current state of academia if we want well-functioning and sustainable research environments.

Over the past year, the Danish National Research Foundation has listened to its grant holders. The DNRF has collected the central points from these discussions in its yearly publication 2021, where you can also read short interviews with researchers.

You can read the publication “Where is the Culture of Academia Headed” here 

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