6. April 2021

The DNRF’s Annual Report 2020 is out

The Danish National Research Foundation’s Annual Report 2020 has now been published and can be found below. In the report, you can read about the foundation’s key figures; our latest grant type DNRF Chair; a theme about research and COVID-19; the DNRF book release about the scientific frontier, and the DNRF Photo Competition 2021. 

The DNRF’s Annual Report 2020 is now available and can be downloaded below as well as on our publication site. In the Annual Report, you can learn more about the foundation’s key figures, our latest type of research grant called the DNRF Chair, a special theme about the relationship between research and COVID-19, the DNRF book “The Scientific Frontier – conversations with 25 contemporary researchers in Denmark.”

In the report, you can also see the winning photos and other great research photos in a gallery from the DNRF’s Photo Competition 2021.

Find the above information and much more in the DNRF’s Annual Report 2020, which can be downloaded below.

Download the Danish National Research Foundation's Annual Report 2020 underneath here

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