30. June 2021

Other June News in Brief

Peter Laursen explains DAWN’s research at Forskerzonen; The DNRF’s vice chair, Minik Rosing, was invited to speak on the mini festival “Bloom under the Oak”; A HADAL expedition…

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Illustration of the study that controls the negative and positive atoms.
29. June 2021

CNG researchers show how electric fields can be used to control chemical bonds

A new experimental technique has made it possible to use electric fields to measure the electrical resistance and to control the strength of the individual…

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22. April 2021

Three researchers with affiliation with the DNRF each receive a Villum Investigator grant

Professor Kristian Thygesen from the DNRF’s Center for Nanostructured Graphene (CNG) at DTU, head of center Barbara Ann Halkier from the Center of Excellence DynaMo…

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31. March 2021

Other March News in Brief

New conference from PRIVACY; the University of Copenhagen highlights two researchers from the DNRF in light of International Women’s Day; the University of Southern Denmark…

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1. March 2021

Other February News in Brief

New study about patterns of citations between judgments from iCourts; Professor Rita Felski has been appointed to the prestigious “Clark Lectures”; New study from CEBI…

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Graphical abstract illustrating the main findings of the study in plants and nitrogen.
30. October 2020

Other October News in Brief

A new study from CENPERM about plants and nitrogen published in Global Change Biology; meet post-doc Julian Regalado from the Center of Excellence CEH; David…

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CNG 2D materialer. Foto: DTU
31. July 2020

Other July News in Brief

Research from CEBI on consumption during corona shutdown in PNAS; DAWN separates gamma rays into two classes using Al algorithm; PRIVACY has launched a series…

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Billedet viser to små grønne planter, der spirer.
15. June 2020

Researchers with a connection to the DNRF receive a grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark

Researchers with a connection to the Danish National Research Foundation are among 202 recipients who have received grants from the Independent Research Fund Denmark to…

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Greenland. Andre Boysen/UnSplash
1. June 2020

Other May News in Brief

Antti-Pekka Jauho has been awarded an honorary doctorate; PROMEMO published a new article in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience; SAC has expanded the SONG network with…

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Kristian Sommer Thygesen.
6. March 2019

Kristian Thygesen from CNG receives the Elite Research Prize 2019

Professor Kristian Sommer Thygesen, from the Center of Excellence CNG, is among this year’s five prize winners of the prestigious Elite Research Prizes. The prizes…

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Graphic imagery of graphene material.
21. February 2019

CNG solves one of the biggest challenges with graphene-based nanoelectronics

Researchers from the DNRF’s Center for Nanostructured Graphene (CNG), together with researchers from Japan, have, for the first time, solved one of the biggest challenges…

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Photo DTU: Peter Bøggild
27. August 2018

Researchers from CNG will be part of DTU Physics’ plans to strengthen research in 2D materials

Starting January 1, 2019, a research group from the DNRF’s Center for Nanostructured Graphene (CNG) will be part of DTU’s plan to merge all 2D…

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6. March 2018

The Elite Research Prizes 2018 honor basic research

Two researchers associated with the Danish National Research Foundation were among the recipients of this year’s five Elite Research Prizes, all of which were awarded…

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