27. August 2018

Researchers from CNG will be part of DTU Physics’ plans to strengthen research in 2D materials

Starting January 1, 2019, a research group from the DNRF’s Center for Nanostructured Graphene (CNG) will be part of DTU’s plan to merge all 2D material research into the one institute.

Starting in January of next year, Professor Peter Bøggild from the DNRF center CNG, together with his research team, will be part of the Technical University of Denmark’s (DTU) plan to combine research on two-dimensional materials under one roof. The ambition is to strengthen both the theoretical and the experimental aspects in the field of material research.  

“Bringing together activities at DTU Physics provides exciting opportunities for thinking about 2D materials with a broader scope than we do today. Our existing cross-departmental collaboration will undoubtedly be more extensive when we work in the same department,” Professor Bøggild said.

The commitment to strengthening the 2D material research area is occurring in the wake of an increased interest in this area, especially in Asia in recent years.

“It is a group of highly skilled researchers who have been invited to DTU Physics and ambitious research projects will follow them, including parts of the Danish National Research Foundation’s Center for Nanostructured Graphene (CNG) and a new Villum Young Investigator project,” explained Jane Hvolbæk Nielsen, head of department at DTU Physics. She added:

“We are looking forward to getting new colleagues, harvesting scientific synergy, and obtaining funding for new activities and instruments that can investigate, manufacture, and utilize this very special type of material.”

CNG: The center is funded with 90 million DKK from the DNRF from 2012-2022 and is headed by Antti-Pekka Jauho. CNG is currently anchored at DTU Nanotech, with activities at DTU Physics, DTU Fotonik, DTU Danchip/CEN and Aalborg University. CNG is also active in the large European project Graphene Flagship.

Read more at the DTU Website here

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