Can music remedy sleep problems?

In mid-January, Kira Vibe Jespersen defended her Ph.D. thesis at the Center for Music in the Brain. The thesis examined whether music could be a tool for improving sleep quality for people suffering from sleep problems.

Read more about Kira Vibe Jespersen’s project and the results here 

Nikolaj Scharff discovers 18 new pelican spider species in Madagascar

Madagascar’s biological diversity thus far has been described only to a limited extent. However, a study done by Nikolaj Scharff from Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate and Dr. Hannah Wood from Smithsonian Institution has changed this.

Read more about the discovery and the pelican spider’s unusual behavior here

Head of center is behind new approach to fundamental particle physics

Professor of Theoretical Physics and Head of the DNRF center CP3-Origins, Francesco Sannino, together with colleagues, has developed a new theoretical approach to fundamental particle physics. The theory opens up new possibilities and perspectives that other researchers can use in their work.

Read more about the new approach here 

Read the DNRF Open Access to Data publication

Read the publication which was the foundation for the DNRF annual meeting here, and gain insight into the different aspects of the open data debate.