Eske Willerslev

Centre for Ancient Environmental Genomics (CAEG)

Genetic diversity is a prerequisite for a species to adapt to a changing environment and ultimately fundamental for ecosystem resilience to environmental disturbances. The goal…

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Jesper Svejstrup

Center for Gene Expression (CGEN)

We all know the expression: “It’s in our DNA”, but how is the heritable information in the genes of our DNA decoded, and how is…

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Professor Tine Jess.

Center for Molecular Prediction of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (PREDICT)

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), traditionally categorized into Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, are chronic progressive and disabling intestinal disorders affecting millions of people worldwide. Patients…

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Tom Gilbert, professor og centerleder

Center For Evolutionary Hologenomics (CEH)

It is increasingly clear that symbiotic microbes not only benefit their eukaryotic hosts through food conversion and nutrient uptake, but they can also have broader…

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Professor Jens Lundgren - head of center, PERSIMUNE

Centre for Personalised Medicine of Infectious Complications in Immune Deficiency (PERSIMUNE)

The multidisciplinary centre at Rigshospitalet works from the hypothesis that across patient with impaired immune function, there is a common pattern of undiscovered risk factors…

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Professor Ian Hickson - head of center, CCS

Center for Chromosome Stability (CCS)

The maintenance of chromosome stability is of paramount importance for the successful propagation of all species. A breakdown in chromosome maintenance is an underlying feature…

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Professor Susanne Mandrup - head of center, ATLAS

Center for Functional Genomics and Tissue Plasticity (ATLAS)

Cellular plasticity is a prerequisite for cellular development and physiological adaptation but is also tightly associated with disease development. Understanding of the mechanisms underlying this…

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