Technical sciences

Tejs Vegge og Frede Blaabjerg

Pioneer Center for Accelerating P2X Materials Discovery – CAPeX

The Pioneer Center for Accelerating P2X Materials Discovery—in daily parlance CAPeX—will, among other activities, develop more efficient and robust materials to convert water and CO2…

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Professor Lasse Heje Pedersen

Center for Big Data in Finance (BIGFI)

The center for Big Data in Finance (BIGFI) will seek to generate a fundamentally new understanding of finance based on the rapid increase in available…

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Head of VISION, Stig Helveg

Center for Visualizing Catalytic Processes (VISION)

Catalysis – the science and technology of controlling chemical reaction rates – is key for producing sustainable chemicals, fuels and energy. Efficient catalysis of chemical…

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Professor Anja Boisen - head of center, IDUN

Center for Intelligent Drug Delivery and Sensing Using Microcontainers and Nanomechanics (IDUN)

Oral drug delivery is the preferred route of administration due to its minimal invasive nature and convenience for the patients. However, it has key challenges…

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