28. February 2022

Other February News in Brief

BigQ takes a step forward in quantum science; UrbNet unravels questions about ancient recycling and reuse; CEBI finds correlation between personality traits and crime; HADAL…

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12. November 2021

Professor Rubina Raja receives Queen Margrethe’s Roman Prize 2021

Professor and head of center Rubina Raja from the Center of Excellence Center for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet) at Aarhus University received the Queen Margrethe’s…

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Confocal micrograph of Bacillus subtilis.
30. September 2021

Other September News in Brief

Three heads of center participate in Science Stories’ podcast; Head of center Rubina Raja from UrbNet publishes “The Archaeology of Seasonality”; Two research news items from…

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Billede af DG's publikation "Nysgerrighed beriger samfundet" i trykt format.
1. September 2021

DNRF publication highlights research’s usefulness to society from a new perspective

Does society benefit when its country’s smartest citizens spend many years, and often a lot of money, going down new roads in search of understanding…

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Billede fra "Vin og Videnskab" efterårsprogram 2021
31. August 2021

Other August News in Brief

Four researchers associated with the DNRF are participating in “Wine and Science” Autumn 2021; Professor Mikael Rask Madsen from iCourts publishes new book; New study from MIB examines the…

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10. June 2021

UrbNet discovers unexpected hot spot for heavy-metal contamination in ancient city

The ancient city of Gerasa in Jordan turns out to be a hot spot for heavy metal contamination even though the usual reasons for pollution…

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29. April 2021

Other April News in Brief

Professor Eva Hoffman from CCS receives a professorship; Two pieces of research news from UrbNet; Head of center Susanne Mandrup from ATLAS publishes new study…

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31. March 2021

Other March News in Brief

New conference from PRIVACY; the University of Copenhagen highlights two researchers from the DNRF in light of International Women’s Day; the University of Southern Denmark…

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Ph.D. student Pernille Lærke Krantz Trant. Photo: Aarhus University
19. February 2021

New Ph.D. dissertation from UrbNet brings insight into the Viking Age through an interdisciplinary approach

Combining geochemistry and micromorphology can create a strong analytical tool. Ph.D. student Pernille Lærke Krantz Trant from the Center of Excellence UrbNet at Aarhus University…

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Anja Boisen med ridderkorset.
30. November 2020

Other November News in Brief

Head of Center Anja Boisen from IDUN is awarded Knight of Order of the Dannebrog; Award to Ph.D. student Jakob Blaabjerg Ahm Sørensen from FRIC;…

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Emanuele E. Intagliata til prisceremonien den 8. oktober 2020.
19. October 2020

UrbNet Assistant Professor Emanuele E. Intagliata receives the Best young Italian Researcher in Denmark Award in Social Sciences and Humanities

The Italian Embassy in Copenhagen has awarded Emanuele E. Intagliata the award for Best young Italian Researcher in Denmark (BIRD) in Social Sciences and Humanities…

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):  Et af de farveløse stykker glas fra Jerash, Jordan, som er blevet analyseret. De lilla pletter skyldes udelukkende forvitring af glasset.
9. July 2020

New method solves old mystery: Hafnium isotopes clinch origin of high-quality Roman glass

Glass is an immensely interesting archaeological material: While its fragility and beauty is fascinating in itself, geochemical studies of invisible tracers can reveal more than…

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Professor Carsten Rahbek og professor Rubina Raja modtager Dansk Magisterforenings Forskningspriser 2019.
6. December 2019

DNRF heads of center Rubina Raja and Carsten Rahbek receive the DM research prize 2019

For the 13th time, the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs (DM) has awarded research prizes to two researchers, and this year’s recipients are both…

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Illustration: The book cover. UrbNet/Aarhus University Press
16. August 2019

New book from UrbNet takes the reader on a journey through ancient excavations with Denmark’s most significant archaeologists

Today, “Store Danske arkæologer. På Jagt efter fortidens byer” (Great Danish Archaeologists. In Search of the Cities of the Past) was published. This new book…

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The image shows ruins from the ancient city of Gerasa.
30. June 2019

Data from the ancient “golden river” in Jordanian city of Jerash can help improve today’s sustainability

In the ancient Jordanian city of Gerasa – near the modern city of Jerash – new research has revealed that a so-called “golden river” enabled…

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