22. December 2021

Other December News in Brief

Two research items from IDUN; PROMEMO plans conference about ‘Our fascinating brain’; DAWN finds new method to examine star-forming gas; Three from Rita Felski’s Professorship receive grants…

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Billede fra "Vin og Videnskab" efterårsprogram 2021
31. August 2021

Other August News in Brief

Four researchers associated with the DNRF are participating in “Wine and Science” Autumn 2021; Professor Mikael Rask Madsen from iCourts publishes new book; New study from MIB examines the…

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11. August 2021

MIB finds correlation between music and Covid-19 coping

Covid-19 has, among other things, created the new so-called “coronamusic” genre. The name refers to music that was created as a response to Covid-19, such…

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Billedet viser en gruppe festivalgængere, der danser under åben himmel. Foto: Stephen Arnold/Unsplash.
30. June 2020

New study from MIB: We feel connected when we move together with music

Social bonds are vital to our health and well-being. In a new study from the DNRF’s Center for Music in the Brain (MIB) at Aarhus…

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Professor Kringelbach
11. February 2020

Professor Morten Kringelbach will lead a new interdisciplinary center at the Queen’s College, Oxford

Professor Morten Kringelbach has been appointed Erel Shalit Carlsberg Foundation Senior Research Fellow at the Queen’s College in Oxford. With the special professorship, Kringelbach will…

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Musicians play on African drums.
12. November 2019

A simple mathematical equation explains how people synchronize when tapping out rhythms together

When two people tap out a simple rhythm together, they choose different strategies to synchronize. Sometimes one person becomes a leader, and the other becomes…

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Stock photo of pillows and blankets on Unsplash
29. August 2019

Sleep research from MIB can lead to better treatment of insomnia and coma patients

In two studies from the DNRF Center for Music in the Brain (MIB), researchers challenge the established understanding of sleep stages and use new theories…

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Zoomed photo of a finger with microcontainers.
1. April 2019

Other March News in Brief

Kirsten Marie Jensen received an honorary award for one of the world’s most talented female scientists Kirsten Marie Jensen, former Ph.D. student at the DNRF’s…

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Man sleeping on a bench.
8. March 2019

MIB challenges the traditional understanding of human sleep stages in a new study

Researchers from the DNRF’s Center for Music in the Brain (MIB) at Aarhus University are leading an international study that, by mapping underlying sleep patterns,…

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Photo (Aarhus University, Cecilie
19. July 2018

News from MIB: Ph.D. defense focuses on interplay between hearing and sight

Former Ph.D. student Cecilie Møller, from the Center for Music in the Brain (MIB) and the Psykologisk Institut at Aarhus University, can now call herself…

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Massimo Lumaca, MIB (Photo: Aarhus University)
12. June 2018

Postdoc from MIB in new study: Wants to expand the study of music evolution with neurological approach

Postdocs Massimo Lumaca from Center for Music in the Brain (MIB) together with Andrea Ravignani and Giosuè Baggio from Vrije Universiteit Bruxelles and Max Planck…

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26. January 2018

Can music remedy sleep problems?

In mid-January, Kira Vibe Jespersen defended her Ph.D. thesis at the Center for Music in the Brain. The thesis examined whether music could be a…

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19. January 2018

Peter Vuust tells about music education and brain research on conference in Aarhus

Brain research and music education were on the agenda when the head of the Center for Music in the Brain (MIB), Professor Peter Vuust, spoke…

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30. May 2017

Center leader Peter Vuust receives Dansk Lydpris 2017

On Thursday May 18th 2017, professor and center leader of Center for Music in the Brain, Peter Vuust, received Dansk Lydpris 2017 at the yearly…

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Photo: Peter Vuust, Center for Musici in the Brain
23. May 2017

Center leader Peter Vuust (Center for Music in the Brain) publishes new book

What happens in the brain when we listen to or play music? How are we influenced by music – both physically, emotionally and linguistically? These,…

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