30. May 2017

Center leader Peter Vuust receives Dansk Lydpris 2017

On Thursday May 18th 2017, professor and center leader of Center for Music in the Brain, Peter Vuust, received Dansk Lydpris 2017 at the yearly conference Danish Sound day, this year held in Struer. The prize was presented by Struer’s mayor, Mads Jakobsen.

Peter Vuust and mayor of Struer Mads Jakobsen
Peter Vuust and mayor of Struer Mads Jakobsen

Read more via Music in the Brain (in Danish)

The prize is awarded each year, and is given to one or more people who have put a speciel effort into sound and the sound industry in Denmark.

“The prize winner of this year, Peter Vuust, has conducted groundbreaking research, which has given insight into new ways of using sound and music. Thus, he has contributed positively to Denmark’s strong position within the field of sound. He contains a unique combination of artistic- and scientific skills, and is an excellent intermediator within his field. And then he has influenced, how we in Struer perceive sound in a new way within the municipal core services”, says Mads Jakobsen.

About the award, center leader Peter Vuust says: “First of all, I was surprised, proud and happy to receive the award on behalf of the research conducted at the Center for Music in the Brain. Struer municipality and Danish Sound do an incredible amount of work to put sound on the research agenda and political map. It is important to link the research we conduct at the center, to the clinical environments, citizens and people who love music, and in this context, great networks are crucial. It is important for me to emphasize that I do not carry out this research alone, but have many skilled employees and collaboraters who deserve a lot of credit”. 

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