23. May 2017

Center leader Peter Vuust (Center for Music in the Brain) publishes new book

What happens in the brain when we listen to or play music? How are we influenced by music – both physically, emotionally and linguistically? These, and several other questions, are answered in a new book, published by Peter Vuust, professor and center leader for Center for Music in the Brain.

We’ve always had music. The oldest known music instrument is about 40,000 years old. This indicates that music not only has an aesthetic function – otherwise evolution would have removed it along the way. When humans do something that benefits the survival of our specie, a substance in our brain is released, which trigger a sense of pleasure – and it is known that experiencing music causes the same feeling. Thus, music is important to us – but in what way?

Based on his research and career as a jazz musician, in the book “Music in the Brain”, Peter Vuust describes how the brain processes music, the differences in musicians and non-musicians’ minds, the social significance of music, and the musical development related to human beings.

Read the article at Center for Music in the Brain, here (in Danish)

Since its release in April, the book has received great reviews from both Weekendavisen and Gaffa, and is currently number one on Arnold Busck’s bestseller list, in the category “Lifestyle”.

Read Gaffa’s review, here (in Danish)

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