Foto af en dråbe - billede fra fotoudstillingen 'World in a Drop'. Foto: Scott
31. August 2019

August News in Brief

A podcast about the mysterious dark matter of the universe with CP3-Origins researcher; CeMiSt to host a photo exhibition that takes you close to the…

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Scientific illustration of screening pictures of human brains.
28. February 2019

Other February News in Brief

Post-doc from CP3-Origins: Dark matter of the universe might not exist after all According to models developed by post-doc Juri Smirnov, from the Center of…

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Et stykke permafrost holdt op mod landskab i Grønland
31. August 2018

Other August News in Brief

CENPERM researchers discover the release of volatile gases from permafrost Gases released from thawing permafrost are one of the hottest topics in climate research and…

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29. January 2018

Head of center is behind new approach to fundamental particle physics

Professor of Theoretical Physics and Head of the DNRF center CP3-Origins, Francesco Sannino, together with colleagues, has developed a new theoretical approach to fundamental particle…

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Photo: Quantum Rascals
13. September 2017

Watch CP3-Origins’ youngest prodigy, KvanteKarina (Quantum Kate) introducing quantum physics to the young generations

Watch CP3-Origins’ youngest prodigy, KvanteKarina (Quantum Kate) introducing quantum physics to the young generations. So far, she only speaks Danish, but she’ll be hitting the international scene…

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Photo: Quantum Rascals
25. April 2017

CP3-Origins organizes the "Quantum Rascals" – an outreach initiative targeting children and young people

The DNRF funded CP³-Origins (Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics Phenomenology) at University of Southern Denmark organizes the “Quantum Rascals”, an outreach initiative which introduces children,…

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Photo: Quantum Rascals
20. April 2017

CP3-Origins reveals a new project: Kvantebanditterne

‘Kvantebanditterne’ is a dissemination project developed by CP³-Origins, and covers different initiatives (subprojects), each with their own target group. The aim of the project is to…

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3. April 2017

News from Centre for Particle Physics & Origin Mass CP3 – Origins

The scientific review co-authored by one of the world-leading staff members at CP3,  Associate Professor Michele Della Morte in lattice QFT for standard model physics…

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Photo: Heidi Rzehak
9. March 2017

CP3-scientist Heidi Rzehak’s work has been selected for Elsevier’s Virtual Special Issue on Women in Physics 2017

Just announced on March 8, 2017, CP³-scientist Heidi Rzehak‘s work A review of Higgs mass calculations in supersymmetric models has been selected for Elsevier’s Virtual…

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