25. April 2017

CP3-Origins organizes the "Quantum Rascals" – an outreach initiative targeting children and young people

The DNRF funded CP³-Origins (Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics Phenomenology) at University of Southern Denmark organizes the “Quantum Rascals”, an outreach initiative which introduces children, young people and the broad public to physics, and not least the mysteries of the universe. Center leader Francesco Sannino has designed and initiated the project in collaboration with Professor WSR Claudio Pica and associate Professor Thomas Ryttov. The projektet is financed by the A.P. Møller Foundation with 4 mio. DKK.

Read more via the A.P. Møller Foundation, here (available only in Danish).

The objective is to inspire the next generation of scientists

Center leader Francesco Sannino emphasizes that quantum physics can be the answer to many of the challenges facing humanity such as the development of quantum computers, new materials, energy supply and telecommunication. Thus, knowledge of the research at CP3 Origins should not be limited to physics and researchers according to Sannino. The important thing is to inspirere everybody and particularly children and young people, and make them interested in the natural sciences and quantum physics in order to ensure a new generation of scientists.

Great interest in the project

“The interest in the “Quantim Rascals” is great and even before we opened up for bookings of presentations in January 2017, more than 30 schools had contacted us”, says Majken Christensen, outreach Coordinator for the project.

One of the schools which have benefitted from the project is Giersings Realskole in Odense. School leader Poul Haahr Pedersen from the scool is exited about the project: “We were looking to raise the academic level and add new perspectives. The students enjoy meeting visitors from outside the school, and they listen carefully to the presentations. The “Quantum Rascals” is a nice supplement to the creative minds“.

How many people can live on the back of the Moon without us knowing about it?

It is questions such as the above that meet the scientists when they talk to Kindergarten kids about their research. The “Quantum Rascals” have customized their presentations for different target audiences. The one at Giersings Realskole is called Quantum Fronts, and it targetted at young people from the 7th grade and upward. Another type of presentation is callen Quantum City, and this is for the broad public. The “Quantum Rascals” also includes a so-called Genius-program which is targetted at the most talented senior students in Danish highschools. A digital knowledge portal about quantum physics for school teachers and students is under development along with a cartoon series which will explain quantum physics in the phere of an animated univese. It is a fundamental idea in the “Quantum Rascals” project that the scientists vouch for the materials and hereby make sure that the academic level is top-class.

Read about the “Quantum Rascals” via CP3-Origins


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