20. April 2017

CP3-Origins reveals a new project: Kvantebanditterne

‘Kvantebanditterne’ is a dissemination project developed by CP³-Origins, and covers different initiatives (subprojects), each with their own target group. The aim of the project is to introduce children, youngsters and the general public to physics, as well as to introduce these target groups to the mysteries of the universe. 

The front figures of ‘Kvantebanditterne’ are the centerleader and primary researcher, Francesco Sannino, together with Claudio Pica and Thomas Ryttov, as secondary researchers – all from the Center of Excellence, CP3-Origins, University of Southern Denmark. “The public interest for ‘Kvantebanditterne’ is great and before opening for bookings to presentations in January 2017, more than 30 schools had already contacted the project.”, says Majken Christensen, astrophysician and Outreach Coordinator for the project.

‘Kvantebanditterne’ arranges several events a week across Denmark. At Giersing Realskole in Odense, almost 150 students from 9th and 10th grade showed up to learn about theoretical particle physics. When the students left the event, 60 minutes later, a little star dust were recognised in their eyes. While exiting the room, one of the many students stated that it was good to get some new knowledge and a different point of views on the field of physics. Especially right before the exams.

Read more about the events at Giersings Realskole, here (Danish)

According to Francesco, quantum physics can be the answer to many of the challenges of humanity with, for example, the development of quantum computers, new materials, power supplies, and telecommunications. Therefore, knowledge of what is going on at CP3-Origins should not only be reserved for physicists and researchers. It is about inspiring everyone and especially children and young people to be interested in science and quantum physics to ensure a new generation of researchers.

Read more about the project, ‘Kvantebanditterne’ here

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