25. May 2021

New edition of the book “The Ice-Free Greenland” by head of center Bo Elberling from CENPERM

The book “The Ice-Free Greenland” was published for the first time in 2016. In the book,  head of center and author Professor Bo Elberling, from…

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Graphical abstract illustrating the main findings of the study in plants and nitrogen.
30. October 2020

Other October News in Brief

A new study from CENPERM about plants and nitrogen published in Global Change Biology; meet post-doc Julian Regalado from the Center of Excellence CEH; David…

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Figur fra CEH's forskning
30. September 2020

Other September News in Brief

Two ERC Starting Grants go to researchers affiliated with the DNRF; researchers from CHEAC lead a study published in Nature Materials; researchers from CEH publish…

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Billedet viser kongepingvinerne på South Georgia.
20. May 2020

CENPERM: Antarctic king penguins emit large amounts of laughing gas via feces

King penguins are the world’s second-largest penguin species; they live off fish and krill, both of which contain nitrous oxide. A study led by researchers…

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30. April 2020

Other April News in Brief

A research project from CNAP will map COVID-19 symptoms; Mette Birkedal Bruun is a new member of the Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy;…

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Billedet viser den golde jord i Peary Land i Nordgrønland.
22. April 2020

CENPERM contributes to revised estimations of methane emissions from the Arctic

Existing estimates of how much methane is emitted from the Arctic need to be revised after a new international study investigated methane emissions from both…

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Riikka Rinnan EliteForsk 2020
27. February 2020

Riikka Rinnan from CENPERM receives one of the Elite Research Prizes 2020

Professor Riikka Rinnan, from the Center of Excellence CENPERM at the University of Copenhagen, is among this year’s five winners of the Ministry of Higher…

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Tao Li and Ph.D. student Jolanta Rieksta conducting field work in Abisko, Sweden, to assess how climate warming and insect feeding affect plant volatile release from Arctic plants.
14. June 2019

Rising temperatures in the Arctic cause plants to release more volatiles; this is bad news for the climate and the plants themselves

Scent compounds – called volatiles – released from plants have many functions and can affect both the activity and interaction of insects and the physical…

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Et stykke permafrost holdt op mod landskab i Grønland
31. August 2018

Other August News in Brief

CENPERM researchers discover the release of volatile gases from permafrost Gases released from thawing permafrost are one of the hottest topics in climate research and…

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Photo: Center for Permafrost (CENPERM)
21. December 2017

Head of Center Bo Elberling receives the Hans Egede Medal

At a ceremony on December 14, 2017, Head of Center and professor of Soil Geography and Geochemistry, Bo Elberling, received the Hans Egede Medal for…

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The photo on the left shows a delta in West Greenland photographed in 1985 and on the right the same delta in 2010. It clearly shows how the delta has been extended by several kilometres over this 25-year period. (Foto: CENPERM)
5. October 2017

Post-doc Mette Bendixen from CENPERM publishes article in Nature about the link between global warming and growing deltas on Greenland

Today, a group of researchers from the Centre for Permafrost (CENPERM) from the University of Copenhagen publish in an article in Nature about the growth of deltas…

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