Zebrafisk. Foto: Wikipedia, Azul.
12. January 2022

CEH examines toxic effects from nanoparticles

While there are many studies about microparticles, there aren’t that many that have found nanoparticles and examined their potentially toxic effects. In a new study…

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22. December 2021

Other December News in Brief

Two research items from IDUN; PROMEMO plans conference about ‘Our fascinating brain’; DAWN finds new method to examine star-forming gas; Three from Rita Felski’s Professorship receive grants…

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1. December 2021

Other November News in Brief

ATLAS finds circadian rhythm in the liver; Two research news items from DynaMo; Four DAWN researchers are among the world’s most frequently cited; Two pieces…

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Figur fra studiet, hvor den lilla tone repræsenterer dyr fra fangeskab, mens de pink toner repræsenter vilde dyr. Foto: Lektor Antton Alberdi.
30. November 2021

CEH examines how captivity affects the gut in animals

What happens to animals’ guts when the animals are removed from their natural environment and placed in captivity? This is the topic of a new…

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Uddrag fra ”Condensed Mathematics masterclass” af professor Peter Scholze.
1. November 2021

Other October News in Brief

International conference held by CeMist; MIB welcomes new Professor; New study from SAC works on reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses; CEM conference held at the…

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Billede fra "Vin og Videnskab" efterårsprogram 2021
31. August 2021

Other August News in Brief

Four researchers associated with the DNRF are participating in “Wine and Science” Autumn 2021; Professor Mikael Rask Madsen from iCourts publishes new book; New study from MIB examines the…

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30. June 2021

Other June News in Brief

Peter Laursen explains DAWN’s research at Forskerzonen; The DNRF’s vice chair, Minik Rosing, was invited to speak on the mini festival “Bloom under the Oak”; A HADAL expedition…

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13. May 2021

CEH research team finds correlation between salmon health and gut microbiome

The correlation between salmon health and gut microbiome has the potential to increase our understanding of fish populations’ health and disease. This connection was recently…

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29. April 2021

Other April News in Brief

Professor Eva Hoffman from CCS receives a professorship; Two pieces of research news from UrbNet; Head of center Susanne Mandrup from ATLAS publishes new study…

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31. March 2021

Other March News in Brief

New conference from PRIVACY; the University of Copenhagen highlights two researchers from the DNRF in light of International Women’s Day; the University of Southern Denmark…

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Figuren viser den komplekse biologiske proces, som man finder i vært og mikrobiom-systemer. Foto: Københavns Universitet.
15. February 2021

New FindingPheno project from CEH develops new tools

Once you disentangle the biological interactions between hosts and microbiomes, you get a better understanding of human diseases, as well as the way we produce…

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Eksempel på forhold mellem mus, fedme og celleforandringer
29. January 2021

Other January News in Brief

New EU-financed project from CML; New study from ATLAS explores the link between obesity and cell changes in mice; New project “HappyFish” from CEH; Two…

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Billede af forsiden til seminaret.
19. January 2021

New virtual seminar about fermentology from CEH

A new online “Fermentology Seminar Series” offers mini-talks and live Q&As about the ecology, evolution, and culture behind your daily fermented foods. The series is…

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Graphical abstract illustrating the main findings of the study in plants and nitrogen.
30. October 2020

Other October News in Brief

A new study from CENPERM about plants and nitrogen published in Global Change Biology; meet post-doc Julian Regalado from the Center of Excellence CEH; David…

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Figur fra CEH's forskning
30. September 2020

Other September News in Brief

Two ERC Starting Grants go to researchers affiliated with the DNRF; researchers from CHEAC lead a study published in Nature Materials; researchers from CEH publish…

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