2. May 2022

Some of the best minds of quantum science gathered in Copenhagen

Last week, researchers from all over the world gathered at the Carlsberg Academy in Copenhagen to debate quantum information science at the Center for Macroscopic Quantum States’ (bigQ) Symposium 2022. All of the invited researchers work either experimentally or theoretically with quantum physical information technologies.

Men talking at a coffee table
Participants at bigQ Symposium 2022. Photo: Casper Ahl Breum.

“With the symposium, we had the opportunity to gather a wide range of international colleagues and collaborators and benefit from the stimulating discussions that arise when you meet face to face,” said bigQ’s head of center Professor Ulrik Lund Andersen. “When we gather researchers from all over the world, we also get a pretty good picture of our research field. There are a lot of strong science groups, but I really believe we’re at the forefront in bigQ.”

“There is rapid development in quantum technology at the moment,” added Ulrich Hoff, senior advisor at bigQ. “But there are still many research challenges. And there is a need for respite, such as last week’s symposium, where we, together with colleagues, can immerse ourselves in basic research. And it is often in these situations that good ideas and solutions arise.”

“The Carlsberg Academy was the perfect setting, and the historical and aesthetic surroundings, together with the spirit of Niels Bohr, meant that we achieved exactly the atmosphere we wanted around the symposium,” concluded Professor Andersen.

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