Center for Macroscopic Quantum States (bigQ)


Center leader:

Professor Ulrik Lund Andersen


2018 - 2024

Application round:

9th Round

Host institution(s)

Technical University of Denmark



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Peculiar quantum effects – quantum coherence and quantum entanglement – are the “gasoline” that allows fast-blown computing, completely confidential communication and ultra-sensitive sensing. These quantum effects have most often been observed and studied in microscopic systems consisting of a few particles, but in order to fully understand the effects and thus exploit their full potential, it is necessary to study the them in macroscopic systems.

In bigQ we will design, construct and measure macroscopic quantum states in optical and mechanical systems consisting of many elementary constituents, thus promoting our understanding of the macroscopic quantum world and allowing potential breakthroughs in quantum information science. Using these new macroscopic quantum technologies, we will explore the mysterious transition between classical physics and quantum physics; and we will develop new macroscopic quantum information technologies.

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