Decorative photo illustrating the research on PERSIMUNE.

Centre for Personalised Medicine of Infectious Complications in Immune Deficiency (PERSIMUNE)

Center leader:

Professor Jens Lundgren


2015 - 2025

Application round:

8th Round

Host institution(s)



60.0M DKK

The multidisciplinary centre at Rigshospitalet works from the hypothesis that across patient with impaired immune function, there is a common pattern of undiscovered risk factors explaining the variation in risk of infectious complications.

Initially we aim at understanding
the mechanisms explaining the variation in risk using a diverse set of methodologies, including pattern recognition from big data from routine care, studies of host and microbial genetics, imaging, and immunological characterization.

The discovery phase will likely identify novel mechanisms of host defence, which will be used to characterize groups of immunocompromised patients and identify clusters of factors associated with comparable types of infectious complications.

From this, we will formulate a series of immunodeficiency indices encapsulating the variation in risk of infectious complications. The indices will be validated and used to personalise interventions aimed at reducing infectious complications.

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