9. May 2018

Video lecture: Rubina Raja on urban societies from the past

Professor Rubina Raja, head of center at the Center for Urban Network Evolution (UrbNet) at Aarhus University, gave a lecture about urban societies from the past. The lecture was part of the Science and Cocktails series and was offered as part of the Forskningens Døgn Festival – in English known as The Danish Science Festival. Watch the lecture in a video below.

In the end of april, Rubina Raja, head of center at UrbNet, gave a lecture on archeological “dead societies” to provide insights into how urban societies worked in the past. Raja’s point of departure is the Danish-German research project on the Jerash Northwest Quarter. This project has been doing research on the Decapolis Gerasa in the northwestern part of Jordan since 2011.

Through new research methods, Professor Raja has been able to study archeological objects, and social processes of the city over a long period of time. Taken together, these elements provide a new perspective on the development of urban societies in the past.

You can watch Raja’s lecture here at Science and Cocktails here:

It is UrbNet’s ambition to pioneer a so-called “high definition” insight into the dynamics of urban societies and structures and to integrate natural science techniques with contextual archeological and historical approaches.

Read more about Rubina Raja og Urbnet her


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