7. May 2024

The DNRF’s annual report 2023

The annual report 2023 of the Danish National Research Foundation is now available. You can read the entire report by clicking the link below.

In the report, you can read about the DNRF’s activities and finances, including:

  • 2023 highlights from the foundation (see excerpts below)
  • Status on round 12 of Centers of Excellence
  • New DNRF Chair grants, attracting talents from abroad
  • DNRF Photo Competition 2023

Long-term impact studies show that the first Centers of Excellence have made big scientific breakthroughs of societal importance and have contributed to strengthening the research capacity in Denmark.

Two studies provided us among other things with perspectives on the long-term impact of Centers of Excellence. The studies demonstrate e.g. that the first rounds of Centers of Excellence have been pivotal in building up the today’s Danish capacity in areas such as catalysis/power-to-X, green economics, and quantum science.

Read more about the two new analyses.

 Change of DNRF chair and new board members

Jens Kehlet Nørskov has decided to step down as Chairman in December 2023. Vic Chair Christian S. Jensen will temporarily handle the duties of the chair.

In January 2024 four new board members entered the DNRF board:

  • Professor Anna Dreber, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Professor Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, University of Copenhagen
  • Professor Dorte Juul Jensen, Technical University of Denmark
  • Professor Tore Rem, University of Oslo

Read the DNRF’s Annual Report 2023

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