15. November 2022

The DNRF Photo Competition 2023

Again, this year, The Danish National Research Foundation is inviting the Danish scientific community to submit their best photos to the foundation’s Photo Competition 2023. You can submit your photo until February 1, 2023. The foundation encourages individuals across every research field to participate. 

Collage med tekst: CLOSED

Each day, scientific discovery creates new knowledge and develops the world around us, and at the DNRF, we want to spread the stories of your scientific progress and discoveries. We can do this, among other ways, with photos that arouse an immediate fascination and curiosity.

To this end, the foundation is launching the annual DNRF Photo Competition for the sixth year in a row. Photos will be judged based on their potential as documentation and communication of scientific research.

The winners will be selected by a panel assembled by the DNRF. This panel will also choose an additional ten photos selected for their individual significance.

We encourage people from all fields of research to participate in the competition. Your photo should evoke emotion, curiosity, and wonder. Furthermore, the image should describe a scientific process or show an object related to the research.

Below you can read more about the conditions for participation.

    • Submit your photos from now until February 1, 2023, by filling out this registration form: https://dg.dk/en/photo-competition-2023/
    • In February 2023 the panel will decide on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes
    • Photos must be accompanied by a short text (max. 100 words)
    • Only photos will be accepted (no PowerPoints, graphic figures, etc.)

    • Degree to which the photo evokes emotions in the observer
    • Degree to which the photo works as a visual entry point to the story behind the specific research result
    • Aesthetic quality of the photo

    • Christine Buhl Andersen, chairwoman, New Carlsberg Foundation, and Glyptoteket’s board
    • Louise Wolthers, Research Manager / Curator, Hasselblad Foundation
    • Minik Rosing, Professor, Natural History Museum; Board member, the DNRF board and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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