14. October 2021

The DNRF Photo Competition 2022 – Submission is closed

The Danish National Research Foundation invites, for the fifth time, the Danish scientific community to submit their best photos for the foundation’s Photo Competition 2022. You can submit your photo until February 1, 2022, at 12 p.m. The foundation encourages individuals across every research field to participate. 

A collage of photos from the Photo Competition 2021.
A collage of photos from the Photo Competition 2021. Photo: The Danish National Research Foundation

NB. Submission is closed.

Photos have the ability to unseal the world of science in a surprising and inviting way by their beauty or otherwise fascinating appeal. The DNRF would like to share with a broader audience how scientific discovery each day advances our knowledge of ourselves and the world we live in. We will do this by telling the stories of your scientific advances or discoveries with a photo as a visual entry point.

To this end, the foundation launches the annual DNRF Photo Competition for the fifth time in a row, based on an interest in the photograph’s potential as documentation and communication of scientific research.

People from the Danish scientific communities are thus invited to submit their best photos to the contest and hereby contribute to scientific storytelling to a broad audience.

Winners will be selected by a panel assembled by the DNRF. This panel will also choose an additional ten photos selected for their individual significance.

We encourage all scientific fields to participate in the competition. The photos should not be produced to “look like art”, but rather evoke emotions, curiosity or wonder at the same time as it describes a scientific procedure or object.

Below you can read more about the conditions for participation, including deadlines, rights, the judging panel, and their assessment criteria:

When and how

  • Submit your photo from now until February 1, 2022 – send your contribution to the email address photocompetition@dg.dk (One photography per person)
  • At the beginning of February 2022, the panel will select first place, second place, and third place
  • Submitted photos must have an accompanying descriptive text of a maximum of 100 words.
  • Only photos will be accepted (not power points, graphic figures, and the like)

Terms of participation

  • If there are identifiable persons on the submitted photos, participants/submitters guarantee that the persons in question have given the necessary consent to the submission following data protection legislation.
  • Participants/submitters of photos guarantee that they have the right to the submitted photography. If the participant is not the author of the photography, the name of the author must be stated.
  • The Danish National Research Foundation reserves the right to use the submitted photos in news articles on the website dg.dk, in the foundation’s publications, at conferences, and the like free of charge. against indication of the author

The panel

  • Christine Buhl Andersen, chairwoman, the New Carlsberg Foundation, and the Glyptoteket’s board
  • Louise Wolthers, Research Officer / Curator, Hasselbladstiftelsen
  • Minik Rosing, Professor at the Statens Naturhistoriske Museum, deputy chairman of DG’s board, and member of Louisiana’s board

Assessment criteria

  • To what extent does the photograph evoke emotions in the audience
  • To what extent does photography serve as a visual entry into the story behind a specific research result
  • The aesthetic quality of photography

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