The picture shows two small containers with so-called CI-chondrites, which is a group of stone meteorites that ostensibly should be the closest one can get to the material of our solar system.
25. February 2020

Discovery from previous DNRF center breaks theory about formation of the Earth

With a special stone meteorite, researchers from the research center STARPLAN at the University of Copenhagen have shown that the Earth formed much faster than…

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The image shows a rock landscape formed by ancient seas, where a great deal of the history of animal life is preserved in the old limestones.
13. September 2019

Study of 540-million-year-old limestone indicates that animals contributed to the regulation of the Earth’s oxygen level

A new study shows that animals may have been a part of regulating the Earth’s oxygen level and thereby indirectly controlled their evolutionary development. This…

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ERC logo
16. April 2019

Three out of six new Danish recipients of an ERC Advanced Grant are affiliated with the DNRF

Out of the six newly chosen recipients of an ERC Advanced Grant awarded by the European Research Council (ERC), three are or have been affiliated…

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Carlsbergfondet logo
5. February 2019

Carlsberg Foundation’s Semper Ardens grants go to six researchers affiliated with the DNRF

Two heads of center, two Niels Bohr Professors, a former head of center, and a group leader from a DNRF center have been granted six…

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Et stykke permafrost holdt op mod landskab i Grønland
31. August 2018

Other August News in Brief

CENPERM researchers discover the release of volatile gases from permafrost Gases released from thawing permafrost are one of the hottest topics in climate research and…

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28. June 2018

Mars meteorite Black Beauty expands time frame for potential life on the Red Planet

Head of center Martin Bizzarro and Ph.D. student Laura C. Bouvier, from the Center for Star and Planet Formation (STARPLAN), are in charge of an…

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10. April 2018

26 meteorites give us new information on the birth of the Earth and the moon

In a new study recently published in Nature, researchers from STARPLAN explains how the connection between the planets’ different chemical composition and their respective size…

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22. March 2018

Head of center collaborates with NASA on upcoming launch of new space telescope

Next month, NASA’s TESS telescope will be sent into space to look for unknown exoplanets and observe the nearest stars. Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard from SAC heads…

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