Carlsberg Foundation’s Semper Ardens grants go to six researchers affiliated with the DNRF

05. February 2019

Two heads of center, two Niels Bohr Professors, a former head of center, and a group leader from a DNRF center have been granted six of the 13 new Semper Ardens grants from the Carlsberg Foundation.

Last Friday, the Carlsberg Foundation announced 13 new recipients of the Semper Ardens Research Project grants. Six of the recipients are or have been affiliated with the Danish National Research Foundation. Semper Ardens means “passionate, always burning,” and the grants are given to passionate researchers with particularly visionary ideas.

According to the Carlsberg Foundation’s press release, what characterizes the 13 research projects is: “The research projects represent the highest scientific level and have the potential to create groundbreaking results. All grant recipients are internationally recognized top researchers with a connection to the Danish research environment.”

The six recipients of the Semper Ardens grants who are or have been affiliated with the DNRF are:

  • Dan Zahavi (head of the former DNRF Center of Excellence CfS) has received 14.58 million DKK for the project: WHO ARE WE?

More information about the 13 recipients and their research projects can be found at the Carlsberg Foundation here