20. December 2021

SAC finds one of the world’s hottest exoplanets

One of the world’s hottest exoplanets has been observed in a new study from the Center of Excellence Stellar Physics Centre (SAC) at Aarhus University…

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Uddrag fra ”Condensed Mathematics masterclass” af professor Peter Scholze.
1. November 2021

Other October News in Brief

International conference held by CeMist; MIB welcomes new Professor; New study from SAC works on reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses; CEM conference held at the…

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29. April 2021

Other April News in Brief

Professor Eva Hoffman from CCS receives a professorship; Two pieces of research news from UrbNet; Head of center Susanne Mandrup from ATLAS publishes new study…

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o exoplaneter kredser "baglæns" i stjernesystemet K2-290. Illustration: Christoffer Grønne.
24. February 2021

News from SAC: Two exoplanets are orbiting backwards around a star

An international group of researchers, with the participation of Maria Hjorth, Ph.D.; Simon Albrecht, Ph.D.; and Ph.D. student Emil Knudstrup from the Center of Excellence…

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Greenland. Andre Boysen/UnSplash
1. June 2020

Other May News in Brief

Antti-Pekka Jauho has been awarded an honorary doctorate; PROMEMO published a new article in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience; SAC has expanded the SONG network with…

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Billedet viser den kraftigt lysende delta Scuti-stjerne, der har lagt navn til den type stjerner, som det internationale studie har undersøgt.
13. May 2020

Article from SAC in Nature: New measurements help understand an oscillating type of star

A group of stars called delta Scuti are difficult to measure because their brightness fluctuates irregularly. Therefore, astrophysics has long been interested in the study…

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Billedet viser to galakser, der begge ligner Mælkevejen, men som befinder sig i stjernebilledet Store Hund. I løbet af et par milliarder år vil de to galakser fusionere til en stor galakse. Nogenlunde ligesådan kan det have set ud, da Mælkevejen og Gaia-Enceladus kolliderede for godt 11 milliarder år siden. Foto: ESO.
15. January 2020

New study from SAC: Oscillations from an old star reveal galactic collision

A new study of stellar oscillations from an old star reveals that the Milky Way collided with a dwarf galaxy about 11 billion years ago.…

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A starry night sky.
10. October 2019

Observations of red giants may confirm 50-year-old theory

When low-mass stars, such as the Sun, are about to burn out, they swell and become red giants – a phase in the life of…

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The picture shows a graphic/animated illustration of a collision between two exoplanets.
5. February 2019

SAC: Enormous collision might explain twin planets

Press release from SAC: Two of the exoplanets that are circling around the Kepler-107 star are identical in size but far from equal in weight.…

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The SONG telescope, which is part of the Teide Observatory on the slopes of the volcano Teide, Tenerife.
11. January 2019

SONG project led by SAC examines possible exoplanet and expands with two new telescopes

The Stellar Astrophysics Centre (SAC), a basic research center, is in charge of the Danish-led project Stellar Observations Network Group (SONG) that just finished an…

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Here staff at Aarhus University watch pictures of the university’s first satellite, Delphini-1,as it was sent to the international space station (ISS).
7. January 2019

Other December News in Brief

Head of Center Lone Grams is appointed to the board of Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF) As of January 1, 2019, head of the DNRF…

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28. September 2018

New from SAC: Solar storms can be caused by the sun’s unusual rotation pattern

Professor Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, who is head of center at the DNRF’s Center for Stellar Astrophysics (SAC), is one of the researchers behind a new study…

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10. July 2018

SAC helps NASA set the clock on recently launched TESS telescope

Researchers from the Stellar Astrophysics Center (SAC) at Aarhus University will be helping NASA set the clock on the space telescope TESS, which was launched…

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31. May 2018

Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard receives Danish science award

Professor Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, head of center at the Stellar Astrophysics Centre (SAC) at Aarhus University, is one of two recipients of this year’s Rigmor and…

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Photo: Center for Stellar Astrofysik (SAC)
19. September 2017

Scientists from Stellar Astrophysics Centre publish article in Monthly Notices about measuring technique for star clusters

The human fascination and investigation of the stars is sometimes limited by insufficient measuring equipment, which has been the case so far when observing bright…

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