28. February 2022

Other February News in Brief

BigQ takes a step forward in quantum science; UrbNet unravels questions about ancient recycling and reuse; CEBI finds correlation between personality traits and crime; HADAL…

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Bo Thamdrup forbereder forsøg med anammox bakterier fra Kermadec-graven på forskningsskibet Tangaroa. Foto: Anni Glud.
18. November 2021

HADAL discovers special bacteria in the hadal trenches

A special type of bacteria called anammox are attracted to nitrogen and play an important role in the planet’s biogeochemical life. Therefore, they are important…

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Uddrag fra ”Condensed Mathematics masterclass” af professor Peter Scholze.
1. November 2021

Other October News in Brief

International conference held by CeMist; MIB welcomes new Professor; New study from SAC works on reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses; CEM conference held at the…

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30. June 2021

Other June News in Brief

Peter Laursen explains DAWN’s research at Forskerzonen; The DNRF’s vice chair, Minik Rosing, was invited to speak on the mini festival “Bloom under the Oak”; A HADAL expedition…

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Professor Ronnie N. Glud med sedimentprøver fra Stillehavet.
8. June 2021

HADAL discovers huge amounts of mercury in the hadal trenches in the Pacific Ocean

The Center of Excellence HADAL at the University of Southern Denmark has discovered huge amounts of toxic heavy metal mercury in the hadal trenches, the…

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Professor Ronnie Glud og forskerkollegaer ved et forskningsinstrument. Foto: SDU
18. November 2020

Inauguration of Center for Hadal Research (HADAL)

Friday, November 13, 2020, was the day of the official virtual opening of the Center of Excellence HADAL, led by Professor Ronnie N. Glud from…

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A specially built underwater instrument designed to explore the deepest parts of the ocean.
2. November 2020

New presentation about the deep sea with Head of Center Ronnie Glud from HADAL and former Head of Center Bo Barker Jørgensen

A new presentation about the deep sea with Head of Center Ronnie Glud, from the DNRF’s Center for Hadal Research (HADAL) at the University of…

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Billede af Mathias Middelbor, Anja C. Andersen, Kristoffer Szilas til arrangementet Dybhavet og det ydre rum til Blooms mini festival Weekend Under the Oak.
31. August 2020

Other August News in Brief

Professor Mathias Middelboe from the new Center of Excellence HADAL participated in Bloom’s mini festival 2020; the first volume of UrbNet’s new international Journal of…

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DNRF logo
23. October 2019

The Danish National Research Foundation is ready to invest DKK 1.1 billion in 10 new Centers of Excellence

The board of the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) has decided to invest DKK 657 million and allocate an additional DKK 440 million to 10…

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