1. February 2022

Other January News in Brief

PRIVACY hosts virtual book launch; New study from PREDICT; New IDUN Ph.D. summer school; CeMist lecture on plant microbes and DAWN finds method for investigating distant…

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22. December 2021

Other December News in Brief

Two research items from IDUN; PROMEMO plans conference about ‘Our fascinating brain’; DAWN finds new method to examine star-forming gas; Three from Rita Felski’s Professorship receive grants…

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1. December 2021

Other November News in Brief

ATLAS finds circadian rhythm in the liver; Two research news items from DynaMo; Four DAWN researchers are among the world’s most frequently cited; Two pieces…

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"REBELS-29"-feltet af galakser, som er observeret med Hubble-teleskopet. I den øverste boks ses ingen galakser, men ved at observere det samme felt med ALMA-observatoriet afsløredes en "skjult" galakse. Foto: Fudamoto, Oesch et al. (2021), HST/NASA/ESA.
25. November 2021

DAWN discovers hidden galaxies

Have you ever wondered how the universe began and where it all comes from? The Center of Excellence Cosmic Dawn Center (DAWN) at DTU and…

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Confocal micrograph of Bacillus subtilis.
30. September 2021

Other September News in Brief

Three heads of center participate in Science Stories’ podcast; Head of center Rubina Raja from UrbNet publishes “The Archaeology of Seasonality”; Two research news items from…

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Billedet illustrerer, hvordan tyngdekraften fra galaksehoben MACS J0138 krummer rummet, sådan at lyset fra en bagvedliggende galakse afbøjes ned til os på flere forskellige måder.
14. September 2021

Galactic repeat moves DAWN closer to the expansion of the universe

Scientists predict that a supernova will be seen for a fourth time in 2037, an event that may confirm researchers’ theory about gravity and bring…

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Kunstners udlægning af lokaliseringen af det korte radioglimt FRB180916B til dens værtsgalakse.
20. August 2021

Post-doc Kasper Heintz from DAWN to study radio bursts at the Very Large Telescope

Currently, there isn’t an in-depth explanation of the so-called “fast radio bursts” that only last milliseconds. Kasper Heintz, a post-doc at the DNRF’s Center of…

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30. June 2021

Other June News in Brief

Peter Laursen explains DAWN’s research at Forskerzonen; The DNRF’s vice chair, Minik Rosing, was invited to speak on the mini festival “Bloom under the Oak”; A HADAL expedition…

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Professor Johan Fynbo.
27. May 2021

Professor Johan Fynbo from DAWN receives grant from DFF for his quasar research

The extreme brightness of quasars and their characteristic bluish colors make them easy to detect, but large amounts of dust make them seem red and…

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1. March 2021

Other February News in Brief

New study about patterns of citations between judgments from iCourts; Professor Rita Felski has been appointed to the prestigious “Clark Lectures”; New study from CEBI…

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En kunstners fortolknings af ID2299 galaksen.
26. January 2021

Three research news from DAWN: New study captures a “dying” galaxy; two researchers receive grants from the Carlsberg Foundation; and a new study uses gravity as a telescope

Up until now, it was unknown what triggers the process of a dying galaxy. But Assistant Professor Francesco Valentino, from the DNRF’s Cosmic Dawn Center…

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Billede af universet
28. December 2020

Other December News in Brief

Researchers from CeMist develop new biosensor; Ph.D. student from IDUN receives award;  Big breakthrough from Hy-Q with new quantum science; Two members of the DNRF’s Niels Bohr…

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An artist's illustration of a rotating and dusty distant galaxy
5. November 2020

Researchers from DAWN discover mature galaxies in the very early universe

A new study shows that large galaxies were much more mature in the early universe than previously assumed. The distant galaxies have been studied by…

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Graphical abstract illustrating the main findings of the study in plants and nitrogen.
30. October 2020

Other October News in Brief

A new study from CENPERM about plants and nitrogen published in Global Change Biology; meet post-doc Julian Regalado from the Center of Excellence CEH; David…

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Figur fra CEH's forskning
30. September 2020

Other September News in Brief

Two ERC Starting Grants go to researchers affiliated with the DNRF; researchers from CHEAC lead a study published in Nature Materials; researchers from CEH publish…

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