To forskellige typer af benspidser separeret af 600 års tomrum.
26. October 2020

Press release: Where did all the hunters go?

PRESS RELEASE: Stone Age fishing spears used as proxies for cultural transition Two different types of bone points separated by 600 years hiatus. Photo: Theis…

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Photo of the Milky Way. Photo: Nathan Anderson.
1. August 2019

Other July News in Brief

Poul Nissen and researchers from Aarhus University show first structure of important membrane protein Professor and former DNRF head of center Poul Nissen is the…

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Carlsbergfondet logo
5. February 2019

Carlsberg Foundation’s Semper Ardens grants go to six researchers affiliated with the DNRF

Two heads of center, two Niels Bohr Professors, a former head of center, and a group leader from a DNRF center have been granted six…

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23. April 2018

Matthew Collins receives ERC grant for research on old animal skins

Niels Bohr Professor Matthew Collins, from the Natural History Museum of Denmark at the University of Copenhagen, has received a prestigious grant from the European…

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13. April 2018

International research group presents new standards to ensure solid research

A team of international researchers recently published a study in the magazine Nature Ecology & Evolution outlining new standards for procedures in researching ancient proteins.…

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