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4. August 2021

Press release from CCS: Researchers identify new genes linked to longer reproductive lifespan in women

PRESS RELEASE: The age at which women go through menopause is critical for fertility and impacts healthy ageing in women, but reproductive ageing has been…

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29. April 2021

Other April News in Brief

Professor Eva Hoffman from CCS receives a professorship; Two pieces of research news from UrbNet; Head of center Susanne Mandrup from ATLAS publishes new study…

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Professor Eva Hoffmann i laboratoriet.
21. July 2020

Eva Hoffmann from CCS is a new member of EMBO

Professor Eva Hoffmann, from the DNRF’s Center for Chromosome Stability (CCS) at the University of Copenhagen, is among this year’s new members of the research…

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Billedet viser processen MiDAS, som her er observeret i en kræftcelle fra en patient med knoglekræft.
18. May 2020

Researchers from CCS discover a special protein with important functions in cancer cell division

A special protein named RTEL1 has proved to have two important functions in cell division in human cancer cells. In collaboration with American researchers, a…

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Foto: CCS/KU
8. April 2020

CCS: a certain enzyme plays a central role in the earliest stages after fertilization 

Some researchers have discovered that a particular enzyme may affect post-fertilization development and may explain why some artificial fertilization is not successful. Behind the discovery…

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Grafisk illustration fra studiet af CCS i Cell Reports.
3. March 2020

DNA discovery from CCS gives hope for new treatments of aggressive cancer diseases

Researchers from the DNRF’s Center for Chromosome Stability (CCS) at the University of Copenhagen have discovered that our cells copy their DNA much more loosely…

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6. November 2019

New study from CCS: Women’s naturally fluctuating fertility curve is caused by chromosome abnormalities

It is well known that women’s natural fertility curve goes up and down throughout their lifetimes, but a new study, led by researchers from the…

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Atomic force microscopy images of DNA molecules before (1), during (2), and after (3) the positive supercoiling reaction catalyzed by the two human protein enzymes PICH and TOP3.
10. May 2019

CCS in Nature: Human cells surprise with feature hitherto found only in organisms living at high temperatures

A study coordinated by a team from the Center for Chromosome Stability (CCS), University of Copenhagen, finds that human cells possess what was thought to…

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19. December 2018

CCS in a new study: Folate deficiency can lead to hitherto unknown problems with cell division

In a study recently published in the scientific journal PNAS, researchers from the DNRF’s Center for Chromosome Stability (CCS) at the University of Copenhagen have…

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Quantum Kate. Animation: Quantum Rascals/the University of Southern Denmark.
1. November 2018

Other October News in Brief

Rubina Raja finishes tour as Kershaw Lecturer DNRF head of center Rubina Raja, from the Center for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet), has recently finished a…

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