5. May 2021

Press release: Specific protein plays a leading role in the development of melanoma

PRESS RELEASE: Melanoma is one of the most common cancers among Danes – and is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. For the first time,…

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The image shows the front and back of the Anders Jahre medal.
3. June 2020

The Anders Jahre Medical Prize 2020 is split between a former DNRF head of center and current group leader at CARD

Two of the country’s leading cell growth and cancer researchers, Professor Jiri Bartek and Professor Jiri Lukas, are the recipients of the Anders Jahre’s Medical…

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Coronavirus.CDC Unsplash
2. April 2020

CARD will test a well-known drug in the fight against coronavirus

A research team from the center of excellence CARD at the Danish Cancer Society will collaborate with colleagues from the University of Helsinki to test…

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Mikroskopi-billede af lysosomer.
28. January 2020

CARD researchers rewrite the textbooks; discover hidden mechanism in cell division

With a newly developed technique, researchers from the DNRF Center of Excellence CARD at the Danish Cancer Society have discovered a hitherto unknown mechanism during…

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I den nybeskrevne affaldssortering (døbt doryfagi) bliver de såkaldte satellitterne (set i rødt på fotoet) optaget i cellens affaldssystem (markeret grønt på fotoet). Det indsatte billede viser centrosomernei cellen, omgivet af satellitterne.
25. September 2019

Researchers from CARD: Newly discovered cellular waste system protects our genes

Researchers from the DNRF center of Excellence CARD at the Danish Cancer Society have discovered a new waste system in our cells. The system appears…

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24. September 2018

CARD: Three molecules can play important role in cancers and neurological diseases

New research from the DNRF’s Center for Autophagy, Recirculation and Disease (CARD) shows how three molecules can play a crucial part in the development of…

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28. June 2018

New research from CARD published in Nature: Effective cancer medicine works opposite to the way previously believed

Researchers from the DNRF’s Center for Autophagy, Recycling and Disease (CARD), at the Danish Cancer Society’s Center for Cancer Research, offer new explanation of the…

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The nests, (Ftoto: postdoc Søs Grønbæk Mathiassen, CARD)
3. May 2018

DNRF’s photo competition 2018: Close-up of cancer cells’ interphase wins second prize

A picture of cancer cells in the phase before cell division has won second prize in the Danish National Research Foundation’s photo competition 2018. The…

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