Billedet giver et glimt af det optiske system, der er grundlaget for PhotoQ projektets fotoniske kvantecomputer.
9. March 2022

BigQ is developing a photonic quantum computer

A new project aims to develop a new quantum computer that uses photonic systems. The Center of Excellence Center for Macroscopic Quantum States (bigQ) at…

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28. February 2022

Other February News in Brief

BigQ takes a step forward in quantum science; UrbNet unravels questions about ancient recycling and reuse; CEBI finds correlation between personality traits and crime; HADAL…

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Uddrag fra ”Condensed Mathematics masterclass” af professor Peter Scholze.
1. November 2021

Other October News in Brief

International conference held by CeMist; MIB welcomes new Professor; New study from SAC works on reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses; CEM conference held at the…

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Billede af DG's publikation "Nysgerrighed beriger samfundet" i trykt format.
1. September 2021

DNRF publication highlights research’s usefulness to society from a new perspective

Does society benefit when its country’s smartest citizens spend many years, and often a lot of money, going down new roads in search of understanding…

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Illustration der viser sammenfiltrede lyspulser. Foto: Jonas Neergaard-Nielsen, DTU Fysik.
27. July 2021

BigQ is one step closer to a quantum computer

A new platform may turn into a programmable quantum computer that runs at room temperature while quantum bits in the form of light carry the…

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Illustration af kvanteteknologi.
9. February 2021

New technology from bigQ protects against cyberattacks

Random numbers chosen for passwords aren’t always as random as one would think. Therefore, a new device has been developed to ensure that hackers won’t…

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Japansk forsidebillede til ”Finn Foton og kvantefysikken.”
28. December 2020

BigQ publishes a climate-based edition of the Finn Foton book series and makes a deal with Japan regarding the first book in the series

Professor Ulrich Busk Hoff from the Center of Excellence bigQ has published the scientific children’s book “Finn Foton and the oceans’ climate fight” in a…

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Photo of viking swords. Photo: Lennart Larsen/National Museum of Denmark
29. February 2020

February News in Brief

A new study from MIB explains our ability to reproduce music and language; a new book by Professor MSO Søren M. Sindbæk from UrbNet examines…

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Vulkanen Chimborazo illustreret af opdagelsesrejsende og videnskabsmand Alexander von Humboldt.
22. January 2020

The DNRF is well represented in Ingeniøren’s ‘Videnskabens Top-5’ 2019

Each year since 2004, science editor Jens Ramskov and science journalist Rolf Haugaard from the Danish weekly newspaper Ingeniøren have chosen the five best Danish…

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The image shows the quantum network developed by the research team from DTU and the University of Copenhagen.
20. January 2020

bigQ ensures accurate measurements of multiple objects at once by using a quantum network

Researchers from the Center of Excellence bigQ at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) used quantum networks to measure multiple objects at the same time.…

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Grafisk fremstilling, som illustrerer den såkaldte cluster-tilstand af sammenfiltrede lyspunkter, som artiklen fra bigQ omhandler
21. October 2019

New study from bigQ: Blanket of light may provide better quantum computers

News from bigQ and DTU: Researchers from the DNRF Center bigQ at DTU Physics describe in an article how – by simple means – they…

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PRIVACY Summer Seminar 2019. Photo PRIVACY Univeristy of Copenhagen
30. September 2019

Other September News in Brief

Seven researchers with a connection to the DNRF received a Villum Experiment grant; UrbNet has launched a new journal; CeMiSt has discovered a bacterium with…

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Quantum Flagship logo
27. November 2018

Heads of centers are part of big new EU Quantum Flagship

Last month, the EU’s big new research initiative Quantum Flagship was launched. Two DNRF heads of centers from the Technical University of Denmark and the…

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3. May 2018

The winner of the DNRF’s photo competition 2018: Researchers control photons in the light of the optical fiber moon

A photograph of a full moon, created by lights from thousands of hair-thin pipes of glass, won first prize in the Danish National Research Foundation’s…

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3. May 2018

The winning pictures in the DNRF’s photo competition 2018 have been chosen

This year, the Danish National Research Foundation launched a photo competition for the foundation’s grantees, and now the winners have been chosen. Below, you can…

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