13. January 2020

Professor Vigdis Broch-Due appointed new member of the DNRF board

Professor Vigdis Broch-Due was recently appointed to the board of the Danish National Research Foundation by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Professor Broch-Due is a professor in the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen, Norway. Professor Broch-Due was appointed to the board of the DNRF; her term started on January 1, 2020, after nomination by the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters. Besides Professor Broch-Due’s appointment, three existing members of the DNRF board were reappointed. 

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science recently appointed Professor Vigdis Broch-Due to the DNRF board. Besides being a professor of social anthropology, Broch-Due also holds a special Professoriate in International Poverty Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences, at Bergen University. Professor Broch-Due has held senior teaching and research positions at several European and international universities.

Professor Vigdis Broch-Due, member of the board of the Danish National Research Foundation
Professor Vigdis Broch-Due, member of the board of the Danish National Research Foundation (Photo: Vigdis Broch-Due)

“I am deeply honored by my appointment to serve on the DNRF Board starting in January 2020. My enthusiasm for this chance to participate in the excellent work the foundation is doing in shaping frontline research also comes with a deep sense of responsibility to both the scholarly community and the surrounding society in Denmark,” Professor Broch-Due said. She continued:

“The DNRF has long proven to be a pioneer in stimulating groundbreaking research and interdisciplinary engagements. As we all know, novel ideas and scientific breakthroughs are often born at the interface between scholarly traditions and different modes of thinking. In order to tackle the complexity of the world we all share, we need to build bridges between disciplinary islands and work together across the humanities and the natural and social sciences. I have been so impressed by the powerful initiatives developed to these ends by the DNRF.”

Broch-Due has recently returned to her position as professor of social anthropology at the University of Bergen, Norway, after serving as the scientific director/CEO of the Center for Advanced Study (CAS) in Oslo. Among other assignments, Professor Broch-Due was also involved in designing the International Fund for Agricultural Development’s (IFAD) future focus on rural poverty, as well as being a member of a selected group of researchers appointed by the Commission for the European Union to assess its poverty alleviation policies. Professor Broch-Due has also served as a member of expert groups on global poverty at the United Nations in New York.

In addition to her new appointment to the DNRF board, Professor Broch-Due has been deputy leader of the National Council (Nasjonalt fagråd) of Development Studies, and an external member of the board of the Department of Social Anthropology, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). At the University of Bergen, she has also served as a member of the University Library Board and the Center for Women’s and Gender Research (SKOK).

She is the author of several articles on gender, embodiment, and cosmology; cultural models of the relations between people, animals, and nature; and the disruptive effects of colonialism and global poverty from a historical and ethnographic perspective. Her current research focuses on the psycho-social effects of endemic violence, identity management, and inter-ethnic relations in East Africa.

Read more about professor Vigdis Broch-Due at The University of Bergen here

Besides the appointment of Professor Vigdis Broch-Due as a new member of the DNRF board, the following three board members were reappointed:

  • Professor and Vice-Chair, Morten Overgaard Ravn, nominated by Universities Denmark
  • Professor Anne Scott Sørensen, nominated by the Independent Research Fund
  • Professor Minik T. Rosing, nominated by the Joint Committee of Directors at the Governmental Research Institutes

All three board members were reappointed for four years; their terms will end on December 31, 2023.

More information can be found at the Ministry of Highter Education and Science here (Only available in Danish)

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