13. October 2023

Prize rain

Lately, several of our DNRF researchers have received prestigious awards, distinguished nominations and appointments, which we at DNRF are very proud of.

Most recently, Professor Ronnie Glud has been selected to give the Harald Sverdrup Lecture at the Ocean Sciences Meeting February 2024 (Harald Sverdrup Lecture | AGU, Professor ).

Eske Willerslev has received the 2023 Balzan Prize for Evolution of Humankind: https://www.balzan.org/en/prizewinners/eske-willerslev.

Emilio Mármol Sánchez and Antton Alberdi have received the Villum Experiment Grant: https://ceh.ku.dk/news/2023/researchers-secure-villum-experiment-grants-to-explore-new-boundaries/.

Professor Lone Simonsen has received the Fritz Kauffmann Prize: https://ruc.dk/nyheder/professor-lone-simonsen-modtager-aerefuld-pris and has been appointed to the Order of Dannebrog: Pandemiforsker udnævnt til ridder af Dannebrogordenen | Roskilde Universitet (ruc.dk)

“The many prestigious awards and appointments testify to the fact that the researchers at our basic research centers meet the criteria of excellence that are fundamental for a DNRF center grant, and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the laureates,” said CEO Søren-Peter Olesen.

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