Dorte Juul Jensen

I previously led a center funded by the DNRF. This funding was outstanding in terms of scientific freedom and the magnitude and length of the funding period. It allowed us to make an international breakthrough in 3D materials science, which otherwise would not have been possible. It  set new international standards, and it has defined my career development from there on. It was thus with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation to become a board member. In my opinion it is very important that this unique funding possibility for top Danish research be continued and that the evaluation criteria for DNRF Centers are excellence, high ambition, and the possibility of groundbreaking research.

My research field is materials science and advanced characterization. I am now professor at DTU, but most of my career has been at Risø National Laboratory. I have experience in evaluating research proposals from the ERC (PE Advanced and Consolidator Grants), Villum Foundation (Young investigators), the Royce Institute UK, the STARS@UNIPD PE program in Italy, and Research Councils in Norway and Sweden.

Name (born) Dorte Juul Jensen (1957)
Current position Professor in Materials Science and Advanced Characterization, DTU, Denmark
Elected period January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2027 (first period)
Appointed by Director-Generals’ Board of Applied Research Institutes
Independence Considered independent
Expertise Materials Science and Manufacturing Engineering
Education Dr. Techn., Denmark
Selected board and committee appointments Member of the Sci Advisory Board for the Centre for Sustainable and Competitive Metallurgical and Manufacturing Industry, SFI PhysMet, NTNU, Norway; Chair of the TMS Fellow Evaluation Committee, USA; Member of the Henry Royce Institute Strategic Advisory Board, UK

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