27. June 2024

New Chairman of the DNRF

The Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science, Christina Egelund, has appointed Professor Dorthe Dahl-Jensen as the new chairperson of the board of the Danish National Research Foundation.

For decades, Dahl-Jensen has been at the forefront of research related to ice core drilling and Arctic sea ice. As a glaciologist, she has helped to achieve groundbreaking insights into the climate of the past that can help us understand what the future holds. Dahl-Jensen is now embarking on a new chapter as she takes up the position of chairman of the Danish National Research Foundation on  August 1.

– Christina Egelund, in the press release from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, had this to say: “With Dahl-Jensen as chairperson, the Danish National Research Foundation will have a world-class researcher who fully understands the nature and potential of research. She is, at the same, time  nerdy, knows how to communicate, and can think strategically. Dorthe Dahl-Jensen’s ice core drilling from the ice sheet constitutes a major contribution to Danish and international climate research, which I myself have had the pleasure of experiencing up close. I am therefore very pleased that Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, with her experience and extensive knowledge, has agreed to lead the Foundation’s important work to develop and support groundbreaking basic research.”

Read the full press release here: (In Danish) https://ufm.dk/aktuelt/pressemeddelelser/2024/professor-dorthe-dahl-jensen-bliver-ny-formand-for-danmarks-grundforskningsfond

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