12. May 2022

New book about legal studies in International Courts and International Law

Today, Professor Mikael Rask Madsen’s colleagues celebrate his ten years as research leader of iCourts – Centre of Excellence for International Courts – and his upcoming 50 years birthday, with a new book release: The Making of iCourts: A New Agenda for Legal Research.

The articles in The Making of iCourts represent different aspects of legal studies in International Courts and International Law and reflect the center’s interdisciplinary and empirical research agenda. The publication is an open access book available at Nomos eLibrary 

The introduction by the editors, Henrik Palmer Olsen and Henrik Stampe Lund, gives a detailed description of the research design of iCourts as a contemporary basic research-oriented center, sharing concrete experiences with at least one way to deal with the challenges of making an attractive global research environment for especially young and upcoming researchers in the 21st. Century.

The book also gives a full overview of the center’s accumulated research output since its establishment in 2012; publications, guest researchers, staff members, working papers, and several new principal investigators projects.

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