29. May 2024

A cure for chronic pain?

Daniela Montemayor Zolezzi aims to help people with chronic pain. Watch the video interview with Daniela.

“Curiosity is essential to being a researcher, but honesty plays an equal and important role,” said Daniela Montemayor Zolezzi, who is the fifth in the series of interviews with young scientists from our DNRF Centers.

“As researchers we have a responsibility to be honest. When we communicate our results, we must be very transparent and very honest with what we have found. Even if our findings go against our hypothesis,” Daniela explained. She continued:

“ I would be very happy to relieve the pain of as many patients as possible and to explain to people what pain is – from what we know. Because sharing that knowledge is also a big relief for patients.”

Daniela, who has studied medicine and engineering in Mexico, is now part of a multidisciplinary environment at CNAP, where she aims to contribute to the understanding of how we experience pain.

She enjoys being surrounded by people with a mutual interest but different backgrounds and perspectives on pain, a very new and unexplored research area:

“We don’t know much about pain yet, but the purpose of my studies is trying to build a foundation of understanding pain so that in the future we can hopefully pinpoint how to treat it.”  

In this video interview you can get a closer look at how Daniela adds to the knowledge of how we encounter pain and what she hopes to accomplish as a researcher. 

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