2. June 2022

Gathered for the first time at a conference in Copenhagen

The Center for High Entropy Alloy Catalysis (CHEAC) held a two-day conference in May at which some of the best scientists working with high-entropy alloys* gathered.

The participants at the CHEAK Konferencen. Photo: Jens Christian Navarro Poulsen

High-entropy alloys (HEAs) have evolved to be one of the most popular materials in the last decade. Their unique configuration and attractive properties make HEAs one of the most promising catalysts. But research in the field is only at its very beginning, and therefore it is always rewarding to meet, exchange ideas, and be inspired.

“The conference has been incredibly inspiring. The lectures ranged from new methods of material fabrication to the use of AI and machine learning for the analysis and prediction of material properties. Meetings of this kind create fertile ground for new projects and collaborations and are important in shaping our relatively new field of research,” said Associate Professor Kirsten Marie Ørnsbjerg Jensen.

Professor and head of center for CHEAC, Jan Rossmeisl is thrilled that he was able to invite the best researchers from all over the world:

“We have had two days of interesting presentations and good discussions about high-entropy alloys at Bella Sky Conference & Event. The extra conference grant from the DNRF gave us the opportunity to invite top researchers from different branches of the HEA research field, and together with presentations from post-docs and Ph.D. students, we unfolded some of the potential in our relatively new research field.

It’s actually the first time I’ve met many of the speakers in person. The first articles on HEA catalysis came in 2018-19, and CHEAC started in January 2020. Then came Covid-19. So, as far as I know, it’s the first live conference on that topic. For me, it was a really good and inspiring experience, and it seems like my colleagues felt the same way.”

* High-entropy alloys are alloys that are formed by mixing equal or relatively large proportions of (usually) five or more elements.

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