23. January 2023

DNRF’s 11th Chair Grant funds research to better understand the interplay between immune cells and cancer

Professor Ana Cvejic, at Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC) UCPH, was awarded the DNRF Chair Grant of 10 million DKK to gain knowledge about the interaction between immune cells and tumor cells.

Professor Ana Cvejic

Usually, Cvejic’s research focuses on blood stem cells. However, the DNRF Chair Grant will allow her to expand her research portfolio and gain expertise in translational research.

“This award will allow me to go beyond my current research activities and investigate how the tumor microenvironment is changing the behavior of immune cells. I want to understand how tumor cells ‘reprogram’ immune cells, to promote their growth and spread instead of attacking the tumor and killing it,” she explained.

Cvejic added that she hopes that some of her findings will help to advance our understanding of human health and disease:

“The field of science is vast, and sometimes when I read about other people’s work I get new ideas, which inspire me to move away from my comfort zone and try something new and challenging.”

Read the full press release:

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