30. October 2017

DNRF head of center Rubina Raja presents prestigious excavation project in Rome to Her Majesty Queen Margrethe

Last spring, Danish archaeologists paved the way for participating in an important and prestigious international collaboration, which was launched Thursday in a royal manner. This, because Her Majesty, Queen Margrethe II, took part of the opening of upcoming archaeological excavations on the antique Forum of Caesar in Rome, where UrbNet head of center, Professor Rubina Raja, showed off the excavation site and told about the plans for the collaboration.

The excavation in Rome is one of the most prestigious that Danish archeologists have ever taken part of, and the Danish funding is financed by the Carlsberg Foundation. The event is therefore both historical, and the future findings will have a historical impact.

At the announcement of the three year long excavation project last spring, the UrbNet head of center, Rubina Raja, stated that “the excavations on the Forum of Caesar in Rome hits the nail of the UrbNet research agenda regarding city development and the city networks. During a long period of time, Rome underwent a whole new form of monumentalization which lead to the new imperial forums, that were big public places initiated by the Roman emperors. The Forum of Caesar is the first of these, and the excavations will give us answers that we’ve been looking for in centuries.”

Read about the Carlsberg Foundation’s news story here 

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