DNRF Chair

Amir Yehudayoff

DNRF Chair Amir Yehudayoff

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have an amazing impact on our world. It brings promises but also dangers. How does it work? Can […]

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Emilia Mendes

DNRF Chair: Professor Emilia Mendes

The Software Effort Estimation (SEE) is one of the most important areas in Software Engineering, being investigated for 50+ years; however, despite its importance, there […]

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Professor Hanna Tuomistos

DNRF Chair: Professor Hanna Tuomisto

Hanna Tuomisto is broadly interested in ecology and biogeography of tropical forests. She has carried out extensive fieldwork in different parts of tropical America, especially…

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DNRF Chair: Professor Vijay Tiwari

Gene Regulatory Mechanisms underlying Neural Fate Decisions and its Disruption in Neurological Disorders Mammalian brain development involves highly complex and organized sets of events. One…

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Ana Cvejik

DNRF Chair: Professor Ana Cvejic

As DNRF Chair, Ana Cvejic will study how behaviour of immune cells changes in solid tumours to support their growth. She plans to leverage the…

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Professor Samir Bath

DNRF Chair: Professor Samir Bhatt

Infectious disease epidemics and pandemics will continue to happen and will likely accelerate in frequency. This DNRF Chair serves to further develop expertise in Denmark…

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Professor Gregory Clark

DNRF Chair: Professor Gregory Clark

Gregory Clark (GC) is a world-renowned researcher in Quantitative Economic History, who has published two widely cited books on international economic history: A Farewell to…

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DNRF Chair: Professor Vitor Cardoso

Black holes are the simplest, most compact, and physically elusive macroscopic objects in the Universe. Extraordinary in their ability to convert energy into electromagnetic and…

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DNRF Chair: Professor Ruth Loos

Professor Ruth Loos’ research focuses on identifying the key genetic and non-genetic determinants of body weight regulation to gain insight into the underlying biology of…

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Prof. Morten Ørregaard Nielsen

DNRF Chair: Professor Morten Ø. Nielsen

Morten Ørregaard Nielsen’s research is in econometric theory and methods. Econometrics is the statistical study of data in economics and related disciplines. These data are…

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DNRF Chair: Professor Anders Johansen

Anders Johansen’s research focuses on understanding how the wide diversity of planets orbiting around the Sun and other stars forms – ranging from small rocky…

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Professor Vivek Shende.

DNRF Chair: Professor Vivek Shende

Professor Shende works on mathematics inspired by fundamental questions about quantum phenomena in the physical world. He is presently studying topological and geometric structures arising from string…

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Professor Staffan Persson

DNRF Chair: Professor Staffan Persson

Staffan Persson’s research group aims at understanding how plants produce their cell walls; an extracellular matrix mainly composed of sugar-based polymers, called polysaccharides. We are…

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Professor Peter Jørgensen.

DNRF Chair: Professor Peter Jørgensen

Peter Jørgensen’s research is in algebra, which is one of the main branches of pure mathematics.  At heart, algebra is the study of equations.  It…

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