Baggrundsbillede til AI Pionercenter og Serge Belongie

Pioneer Center for Artificial Intelligence

Center leader:

Professor Serge Belongie


2021 - 2034


352 mil. DKK

The Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence aims to stand at the international forefront and develop platforms, methods, and practices for human-centric AI. Hosted at the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, researchers from Denmark’s Technical University, IT University, Aalborg University, Aarhus University co-lead the center, and Director, Professor Serge Belongie. 

Previously, Serge Belongie was a professor of Computer Science at Cornell University, an Associate Dean at Cornell Tech, and a member of the Visiting Faculty program at Google. He is also a co-founder of several companies.   

An overarching goal of the center is to amplify and further internationalize AI research in Denmark, using a collaborative model. The Centre pursues fundamental AI research, organized into seven collaboratories, each structured around a fundamental AI research theme, each led by 2-3 PIs from among the participating universities.The seven collaboratories are Causality & Explainability; Extended Reality; Fine-Grained Analysis; Learning Theory & Optimization; Signals & Decoding; Speech & Language; and Networks & Graphs. 

The Centre pursues projects that fall within 10 societal areas: biotech, life, and health sciences; climate and conservation; education and capacity building; economic growth and entrepreneurship; crisis response; information verification and validations; energy and infrastructure; security, ethics, and justice; and projects that improve the public and social sector. A National Advisory Board of practitioners and experts within these societal areas will advise students and faculty, exchanging information about real-life AI applications, problems, and potential.  

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